“His music transforms your life”

Watch this.

Then read this:

“God is the ultimate musician. His music transforms your life. The notes of redemption rearrange your heart and restore your life. His songs of forgiveness, grace, reconciliation, truth, hope, sovereignty, and love give you back your humanity and restore your identity.” – Paul David Tripp

Objective Truth vs. Subjective Attraction?

From I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist:

“Many beliefs that people hold today are not supported by evidence, but only by the subjective preferences of those holding them. People almost invariably arrive at their beliefs not on the basis of proof but on the basis of what they find attractive. But truth is not a subjective matter of taste–it’s an objective matter of fact. In order to find truth, one must be ready tog ive up those subjective preferences in favor of objective facts. And facts are best discovered through logic, evidence, and science.” –From , by Norman L. Geisler, Frank Turek, and David Limbaugh (>>)

I sympathize with the quote, because it’s reacting to a culture that is attracted to cheap pleasures that are lies. People drink from the toilet of fictional works like the The Da Vinci Code rather than marvel at the screaming glory of the skies, the necessary inferences from mere existence (like eternality!), archaeology, and self-evidencing, corroborative, non-fictional, first-hand testimonies like the gospels.

But the quote rubs me the wrong way, because people don’t come to Christ through cold thinking. God shines in their heart to see the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. It is a subjective beauty *and* objective truth issue. That which is most beautiful is truthful, and that which is most truthful is beautiful. True beauty attests to truth, and truth is beautiful. If we don’t subjectively prefer truth, we haven’t seen it for what it is. We’re still believing a lie. If we aren’t concerned about objective truth and coherence and reality then we aren’t really attracted to true beauty. We’re subjectively attracted to cheap pleasures.

It’s impossible to prefer true beauty without assenting to great truths.

A Rose is Still a Rose

If my neurology should be known
My influences shown
Temper understood
And heart exposed
A rose is still a rose
And still beautiful

If you should study sociology
And know me socio-economically
And recognize my needs
And crutches
A good friend
Is still just that

If you will fathom cosmology
And be a sage of astronomy
And understand the mysteries of all creation
And find in it intellectual elation
You are still small
And created

If you will account for my hormones
And play yourself the sexy saxophone
Analyze my stimuli
And appeal to the instinct to procreate
Love is still love
And still supernatural

If you should perceive all possible perspectives
Or see the walls of your own tunnel
Or experience a life of lies
And hypocrisy
Truth and goodness are still real, and knowable
And the light is still shining

And so

If you should slow time and watch light
Travel from flower to eye
And observe the rods and cones on a retina
And forget that the rose is beautiful
You are a fool

A rose is a rose
And beautiful
And real