About Me


A  little bit about me. I love the study and song of God and salvation. Not simply as a hobby, but as a lifestyle. I was created to know and do theology. I was formed to honor and love and spill over with a worship of God.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife named Stacia. She is my friend, my sister, and supportive coworker in the gospel of Christ. My son and buddy is John Caleb, and my lovely adopted princesses are Lydia and Hannah.

My local home in Christ is The Mission Church in South Jordan, Utah.

I am a computer programmer by trade. I’m on Twitter (@aaronshaf) chiefly for tech community.

CrossFit Evo is my supportive gym community. I almost always finish last.

God is good, rain or shine. It has taken a lot of happiness and suffering for me to learn that.

Grace and peace in Christ, who justifies the ungodly by faith (Romans 4:1-8), not by even the best of my works, and not by anything that reveals the absence of what it requires (Romans 3:19-20).