The Father and Son: Incomprehensible

😠 Arius:

  • God’s essence is incomprehensible (cannot be fully grasped) to creatures.
  • The Son is merely a creature.
  • Therefore the Son does not fully know the Father.

😠 Eunomius (neo-Arian)1:

  • God’s essence is unoriginated or ingenerate (not begotten).
  • Such a nature is simple (without parts) and comprehensible.
  • Therefore the Father doesn’t know anymore about his own essence than we do.

😊 Gregory of Nazianzus (trinitarian):

  • God’s essence is incomprehensible to creatures.
  • Both the Father and the Son are God; the Son is eternally begotten of the Father.
  • Therefore the Son shares in the same incomprehensibility as the Father.
  • And the Father and Son share in the same knowledge of each other.


1. “God does not know anything more about his own essence than we do, nor is that essence better known to him and less to us; rather, whatever we ourselves know about it is exactly what he knows, and, conversely, that which he knows is what you will find without change in us.” (Eunomius Fragment II from Socrates “Scholasticus”)