Wrapping up the semester at MBTS

Dr. Todd Chipman cheerfully shepherded us students through two semesters of elementary Greek. He prayed for us often and loved his students. He encouraged us to quietly use Greek as a humble foundation beneath our preaching.
Jared Wilson made us all want to finish seminary and go pastor. His books, “The Pastor’s Justification” and “Gospel-Driven Ministry”, were good for the soul.

He taught us to keep the gospel of ongoing central importance in our preaching, identity, and pursuit of personal transformation. His temperament, speech, and wisdom were imitable.

He had us read from Spurgeon’s “Lectures To My Students.” This is easily the most memorable reading I have done here so far.
Dr. Thor Madsen took us above the clouds and stayed at cruising altitude through large stretches of the New Testament for two memorable semesters. Stacia and I marveled at what we learned on our walks back home.
Peaceful walks on campus at night
Downtown Kansas City evangelism with Cale
Evangelism to Muslims in Kansas City
The daily walk home
There were a few very cold weeks
The bookstore is great.
The lake nearby
Our apartment complex
Our humble Christmas tree