Ergo, no Great Apostasy

Jesus is:

  • The Ascended King who established a kingdom that cannot be shaken
  • The New Covenant mediator who gathered a people who will never turn away
  • The Priest who always lives to make intercession
  • The Good Shepherd who protects his flock
  • The Groom who nourishes and washes his Bride, preparing her for presentation
  • The Master of the field who ensures his planted seed will not be uprooted
  • The Architect who builds a new living temple that will never be destroyed
  • The Sower who plants a durable seed for perpetual growth until a giant tree gives shade
  • The Prophet who assured his word will be fulfilled, never invalidated or outlived
  • The Conquerer who subjects all things under his feet
  • The Sender who gives the Holy Spirit, to be with us until he returns
  • The Friend who does not leave us as orphans

This Jesus is unmatched. As he leavens measures of flour until it is fully leavened (Matthew 13:33), the church persists in giving God glory in Christ “throughout all generations” (Ephesians 2:21).