No digital territory is neutral

I am not bothered by traveling between digital geographies.

I want the freedom to do so. May there be many to choose from.

Granted, when you step inside the theme park of a Big Tech oligarch, it is not a public domain sidewalk. Nor should you force him to make it one.

No digital territory is neutral. When you set up shop on a platform you are necessarily under their company’s jurisdiction. Their rules. Using their infrastructure. Adding to their bottom-line.

It’s good for digital pilgrims start their own colonies. It is fitting that communities with fundamentally worldviews stake out their own digital property or town squares: social media, video-sharing, microblogging, podcasting platforms, marketplaces, job boards, news outlets, moderation systems, etc.

Much like a union of states, citizens can freely travel between the territories. But they should know the rules of the land they are operating in.

Perhaps in your community I can’t always use natural pronouns. Perhaps in mine you can’t promote puberty-blockers.

A friend asked me: “Why isn’t anyone trying to create a liberal Parler/Gab?”

There already is one. It’s called Twitter.