To my fellow evangelists

If there’s one thing I could impart to my fellow evangelists who meet to work together, it’s to unabashedly increase your joy through fellowship with other believers. Heartily greet, and if possible, pray and sing and delight in each other. And bond.

“Peace be to you. The friends greet you. Greet the friends, each by name.” (3 John 1:15)

This makes for joy, joy, joy, and sustainable, repeat-evangelism, and friendships, and old friends. All in Christ. Partnering together in the gospel.

This joy flows downstream in your evangelism.

“We aim that they share our joy and that we share theirs, so that both joys are larger because of being shared.” (John Piper, “What Jesus Demands of the World”, p. 282)

Would God be pleased to give us another “Manti” in Utah someday?