A reminder to Christians

You are saved by faith alone apart from works.

Not by your performance or moral success or credibility or reputation or past or habits or disciplines or purity.

“We hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law.” (Romans 3:28)

God is delighted to receive your empty-handed, incomplete, immature, needy, desperate faith and give you 100% of Jesus, declaring you righteous, uniting you to him, forgiving you, adopting you, indwelling you, and securing you.

This is the gospel. And it is the foundation for addressing private, workplace, parenting, marital, or public failures. Start with preaching to yourself: God has forgiven you in Christ Jesus by faith alone apart from works, according to his word alone.

You have equal standing before God with every other believer. God has declared you perfectly righteous in Christ Jesus.

And you now can be live free from paralyzing guilt or wretched ambition. And go seek reconciliation with hard people and love your enemies. God loves you.