Enjoying What We Deny

Modern culture:

It rejects the notion of involuntary, categorical, identifiable gender, yet has gender-reveal parties.

It rejects the essence of marriage as gender-diverse, permanent, and monogamous, yet enjoys the beauty of a white-dress wedding as a closed, non-expiring, gendered covenant.

It rejects the sanctity of humanity and the idea of categorical human nature and norms, yet insists on human rights for those that belong to the species, and on humanely treating animals as humans should.

It rejects the idea of the natural beauty and excellencies of gender, but can’t stop enjoying stories of knights and princesses and nurturing mothers and strong fathers and benevolent kings and elegant queens and girly chick flicks and courageous war flims.

It can’t stop watching the beauty of mixed couples figure skating.

It can’t stop marketing the natural gendered beauty of a beautiful actress for a movie.

It can’t stop selling gendered clothing.

It can’t stop naturally befriending with those of the same sex.

Modern culture:

Like a man who hates capitalism but buys the latest iPhone.

Like a man who despises the idea of public property but keeps taking camping trips at the public park.

Like a man who hates the idea of competition but enjoys a good soccer game.

Like a man who mocks tribes yet enjoys the deafening roar at the local football stadium for his team.

Like a man who hates the idea of authority and submission but enjoys following a good leader at work and leading well his own subordinates.

Like a man who says there is no such thing as justice or ethical punishment, yet takes satisfaction in the penal imprisonment of a criminal.

Like a man who says public shaming is unethical, yet enjoys the public humiliation of a proud fool.

Like a man who says good and evil are just social constructs, yet grinds his teeth over the corruption of politicians.

Like a man who writes about how language has no ability to communicate real, objective, discoverable meaning, yet insists that his words be properly interpreted.

Like a man who says beauty is invented, not discovered, but keeps on going on hikes to find it, and buying better cameras to capture it.

“Human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to believe in a certain way, and can’t really get rid of it.” (C.S. Lewis)

Oh, Americans! You decline the wedding invitation for the kingdom of God but want to attend it anyway and drink at the reception. You will be kicked out by the Bridegroom. The wine is reserved for those who have RSVP’d, who have been given suits and dresses by the Master of the feast.

A friend remarks:

My takeaway is that most people are really still traditionalists deep down. There are very few consistent radical reformers who follow through on the implications of their philosophies. From a traditionalist perspective I guess that’s good news. The realities of human nature are stubbornly persistent.