To a Facebook battle-busybody

Dear […],

Constant personal attacks/accusations, assuming the worst in people (i.e. he just wants to shift and steer and avoid!) is a flag for me that I am better off spending energy pursuing more genuine and good-natured dialog partners. There are plenty of them elsewhere, and they are my genuine friends. Ironically, you understand someone else’s sin better when you don’t demonize them.

I prioritize face-to-face dialog for joy. I like making friends. I like the more robust way one can be Christlike with the whole body (voice, body, eyes). It is more spiritually satisfying. I also enjoy the ability of a friend in dialog to sustain a topic for a long period of time.

When people have time to constantly do battle on Facebook all week, it signals to me that they are “busybodies” — this is bad for the soul. The New Testament associates this recipe with needless drama, quarreling, slander. Theology is better done when a person is doing due diligence in raising their family and working hard. One has less tolerance for unproductive dialog.

Facebook can be wonderful. I still do it. But I dedicate Thursday nights to evangelism and dialog. Most of the dialog I do is downtown then. That is why I especially invite anyone who wants to do recorded (or private) dialog then.

Grace and peace,