Correcting some common LDS misconceptions about Christianity

  • The typical Christian church in the Salt Lake Valley teaches the inevitability of a morally changed life for those who believe in Jesus. The forgiven are transformed.
  • Most Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. Others are just confused about it. The standard, historic, orthodox Christian teaching is that the body is important and will be resurrected.
  • The New Testament has been reliably preserved and is faithfully translated from the original Greek. You can pick up any major modern English translation and trust what you’re reading. If there are any significant “textual variants”, they are typically noted in footnotes.
  • Most Christians in the Salt Lake Valley simply identify as Christians. Our denomination isn’t our religion, and we consider Christians in other denominations a part of the same broad Christian family. Many Christians aren’t even aware of the denominational affiliation of their church (hah!). Our global unity isn’t in an organization. It is a shared trust in a person: Jesus.
  • Feelings and spiritual experiences are important to us. We get emotional and filled with the Spirit over songs, prayers, scriptures, and special experiences. Our feelings are fallible, but they are still important.
  • While Paul himself sometimes paid his own way, he otherwise insisted that Christians pay their local pastor-teacher (1 Timothy 5:17-18, 1 Corinthians 9:9, Galatians 6:6). Most pastors are underpaid and live on a tight budget. They are busy studying the Bible, counseling people, and dealing with needs in the congregation.
  • The Council of Nicea did not debate over whether the Godhead is three separate deities. It was about the divinity of Jesus. The Trinitarians held that Jesus was fully divine. The Arians instead held that Jesus was a created, inferior being.
  • The Trinity does not teach the Father, Son, and Spirit are one person. It affirms that they are three persons in relationship. For a Trinitarian it is therefore no surprise that Jesus prayed to the Father.
  • We really are crazy and we really do love you. There is a grassroots movement of Christians to make an impact on Utah. Christians are literally moving to Utah just to be a positive influence on the state. We are theologically motivated — with a belief-shaped purpose. There is no sinister financial motive. It is not malicious. You are not under special persecution. We really do love you.