Productivity tips for programmers

  • ⌘+[number] for quick tab change in Chrome.
  • To finish typing filenames or directories in the command line use the tab key to autocomplete.
  • Install zsh + oh-my-zsh. Type some letters, then press up arrow. This will filter through command history.
  • Use SourceTree to quickly build small git commits from untracked files. Stage, commit, then push.
  • Use console.debug for logging in development. You can filter console logging in Chrome’s dev tools.
  • Shift-command-F in Atom for project-wide search.
  • Command-P in Atom for quick file search. Try misspelling the query, it will likely still work.
  • Use an eslint plugin in Atom to catch errors before anything else has to.
  • Use the SelfControl app to block social media for X number of hours.