When “Natural” is Pagan

Because God and creation are distinct, we shouldn’t feel so inclined to treat the “natural” approach to food with sacred reverence. We have dominion over nature. Food is ours to modify. The universe is not enchanted nor is there a Mother Nature.

The strong Creator/creature monotheistic belief and a “disenchanted” view of the created universe should help lead to more food science and experimentation, not less.

Added May 22, 2018, quoted by Douglas Wilson:

“’Natural childbirth’ is a very common way of refusing to apply the doctrine of the Fall, ignoring the curse that God placed upon childbearing. To say that pregnancy is not a disease is quite true. To say that giving birth is a natural process is also true also. But this overlooks the fact that it is a cursed natural process. Eve was given turmoil in the bearing of children, just as Adam was given weeds in the garden” (Confessions of a Food Catholic, pp. 74-75).