The three biggest issues with abortion

The three biggest issues with abortion are God, God, and God.

1) We are under God‘s authority and do not have ultimate autonomy. Bodily autonomy is not absolute and ultimate. God is absolute and ultimate.

2) Human beings are made in the image of God. They are not “granted” personhood or value or rights from other human beings.

3) God said, “Do not kill”, so any needless and elective killing of innocent human beings is an offense against God.

If there is no God, if human autonomy is absolute and ultimate for ethics, if human beings are just advanced primates with no intrinsic value, and if there is no God giving moral directives or conscience, then unnecessarily and intentionally killing innocent human beings makes a lot of sense.

Otherwise, abortion is rejection of God’s authority, a defacing of God’s image in man, and an offense against God who will call you personally to account for violating his will.