“Would Aaron Sha-fuh-wall-uff please come to the service center”

Good memory when I was a teenager: I went to the local grocery store, Meijer (similar to Smith’s or Harmons). I heard my name over the PA system. “Would Aaron Sha-fuh-wall-uff please come to the service center. You have a phone call from your mother.”

I was embarrassed and angry. Why would my mother would do something so embarrassing and annoying? Was she really going to do this? And just tell me to pick up some extra milk? Argh!

I arrived at the service desk. I picked up the phone.


My mother tells me, “You forgot you have a hockey game at 6:30pm. You better leave now or you will miss it!”

I played roller hockey for years in Virginia. I missed it. I had recently joined a league in Dayton, Ohio. It meant a lot to me. My mother knew that.