“I hope we sit together when Jesus serves the wine”

A story to go with this song. God had used Waterdeep to minister to me deeply, like medicine to my struggling soul. I remember some very sweet moments with me, God, and a Waterdeep CD.

I heard Waterdeep was coming into town for a performance, so I took Stacie to this very small place downdown in Dayton, Ohio. There was this other band playing before Waterdeep taking forever to finish up. So I walked up to this random lady and asked her, “Hey, do you know when Waterdeep will play?” She said, “Oh, probably in about 5 minutes.”

Well, five minutes later, she got up on stage with Don Chaffer. She was Lori Chaffer, the female singer. I felt dumb, not recognizing who she was! But then they played one of the most beautiful songs. This was it. Over the years Stacia and I have enjoyed singing it together.