No One Is Happier Than God

8251857830_9416d48559_o‎”John Caleb, did you know that the happiest being is God? No one is happier than God.” (Me)

“Yeah, his smile is like this: [cheesy smile]. And his smile is like a million miles long.” (JC)

“When I go to heaven, and when I get my body later (that is called the ‘resurrection’) I will be happier and happier every day. But I will never be as happy as God.” (Me)

“That’s because he is just soooooo happy.” (JC)

“Yup, he’s so happy we can hardly believe it. He is so happy it is hard to imagine how happy he is.” (Me)

“But sometimes God isn’t happy. Sometimes he is sad or mad.” (JC)

“Well, did you know that you can be happy and sad and mad at the same time?” (Me)

“I DID NOT KNOW THAT!” (JC; classic line of John Caleb’s)

“God can do that too.” (Me)