I love life

Mac & cheese & cartoons with the kiddos

I love life. I love seeing my kids sloppily bring up the spoon of cereal and milk to their tired faces in the morning. I love Lydia’s dramatic requests for milk or food in the morning. I love John’s almost-immediate observations about life and random things when he wakes up. I love Lydia’s militant insistence that everyone give a hug and kiss in the morning before leaving. I love giving my wife a subtle smile and kiss on the cheek before I leave. I love getting in the car and having a conversation with John Caleb. I love listening to the precious words that bring me life from the Bible on the daily-Bible-reading podcast. I love hitting the gym with my ever-polite and intelligent friend Braden and running around the track. I love practicing dribbling and shooting with the alternately celebratory and dismayed John Caleb. I love going to the coffee shop before work and doing some reading. I love my co-workers and my job. I love web development and lately, especially JavaScript, which I’d never dreamed of using on the server. I love the beautiful snow on the mountains of Utah. I love coming home and hearing the eruptions of joy from the kids, and hearing about my wife’s day of teaching. I love eating dinner with the family, even though Stacie and I struggle to have an adult-conversation as the kids chatter like chirping birds. Chirp chirp chirp! I love Lydia’s intensity over everything. I love reading about the Bible and theology. I love evangelism, even when the conversations are difficult. I love my friends who do evangelism. I love exulting over beautiful and big things. I love God, who both sends lullabies of love and terrifying lightening bolts of awesome power. I love our church and our Bible-nerd pastor. I love my wife, who is far better to me than I am to her. I love my friends, who are far better to me than I am to them.

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.