The counterintuitive hypocrisy of moral anti-realist atheists


‎”Moral anti-realist” atheists don’t practice what they preach.

They tell us there are no real objective moral values or duties, and then they participate in transcendent moral causes regarding objective human dignity, rights, and values.

Like a man who says there is no such thing as baseball, and then knocks on your door with his mitt, ball, and bat, and says, “Come play ball!”

Like a man who says there is no such thing as a beautiful sunset, and yet has a beautiful painting of one on his bedroom wall.

Like a woman who says children have no dignity, value, or real beauty, as she rocks her baby, cooing, singing, loving.

Moral anti-realist atheists are hypocrites because they otherwise love and celebrate and participate in what they say doesn’t exist. They are hypocrites for being good neighbors, friends, citizens, human beings — lovers of humanity, lovers of beauty, lovers of a good moral cause. They treat humans like souls, animals like creatures, and life like a meaningful epic to be written.