How to Sort Through a Theological Controversy

  1. Pray for wisdom by the Holy Spirit in your pursuit of understanding God’s word (Psalm 119:18).
  2. Avoid reading any substantial work on the issue and avoid engaging in any opinionated debate on the issue until you have become familiar with the basic Bible passages in question (and their basic context). The scripture is your primary source, so don’t let it be obscured. Let it land on you in a raw way.
  3. After you have done this, hear the strongest arguments from both sides, and learn to be a kind of advocate for each position.
  4. Don’t be rushed, especially if it isn’t a heaven-or-hell issue,  yet neither let that dissuade you from being disciplined and thoughtful in your inquiry. Some of my favorite teachers remain undecided over controversies they would otherwise have been pressured to take a side on, yet when they do come to a compelling conclusion, they promote it with vigor.

I’m not saying I do this like I should, but I do aspire to.