Assorted Thoughts

Ironically, those who reject justification of the ungodly by faith alone often end up relying on ordinances and sacraments as chief measures of their standing before God. The kind of evidential works genuine believers look for to authenticate their faith, which alone justifies, are much more intense and heart-revealing and radical than the kind of works those who deny sola fide lean on. The Protestant Puritans were far more interested in spiritual self-examination than the merit-centered Catholics and worthiness-centered Mormons are.

At final judgment, I will be both embarrassed and proud. My saved family and friends will be horrified and overjoyed. Embarrassed and overjoyed over things brought to light, and proud and overjoyed over things brought to light. Thank God for the superabounding joy that will swallow up embarrassment.

The swine not only trample pearls, but waste the time of the pearl-caster.

God condescends when he reveals himself to humanity. He accommodates humanity by working through assumptions that we have about reality, many of which are wrong. If we praise fellow humans for being able to communicate well in spite of the weakness of human language and worldview assumptions, then how much more should God be praised for being an effective communicator? That he effectively reveals divine truths through weak human language and weak human worldviews is a testimony not to his weakness, but to his power.

Religious academics and those who interact with them pride themselves in a pompous version of “civility”. They boast in how they are able to talk over deeply significant issues in a merely calm and dispassionate manner. They speak condescendingly of outsiders who still speak with vigor and passion, who exult over beauty and glory and grimace with moral outrage over evil and deception. To these academics I say: be wary of lying. If you speak true propositions, do not lie with your tone and attitude. Let your tone and attitude speak more to the truth you communicate than to the position you occupy in your elitist community of academia. When you speak of significant matters insignificantly, you lie. When you speak of insignificant minutiae with fervor, you lie. Tell the whole story, and tell it holistically. Help a man not only think appropriately, but also feel appropriately.