Assorted Thoughts

Beautiful landscape

People who often play the victim love to emotionally exploit people who never play the victim.

The Christian life is simple, and no one should complicate it. The two fundamental elements of a relationship with God are prayer and the absorption His word. They are expressions of the saving faith you have, and they cultivate more of it. The fundamental outgrowths of this relationship are an intense love for God, a hatred of sin, and a broken love over people. That’s it.

“An evildoer listens to wicked lips, and a liar gives ear to a mischievous tongue” (Proverbs 17:4). What and who a person believes says a lot about their heart (cf. John 3:19-21).

Gauging newsworthiness corresponds to the moral value of one’s soul.

It is gracious not to believe the words of a man who is saying something untrustworthy.

I know that people are ashamed of their sin because they are wearing clothes.

A man should never be ashamed over being ashamed of his past sin, especially when there is super-abounding joy in Christ over the forgiveness of those very sins.

What are you doing on a regular basis to evangelize strangers with a clear gospel message?

A man who has no heroes thinks too highly of himself.

Every unrepentant sinner is on death row.

The claim that true love and true joy must originate in our will does not resonate with my own human experience. I am most happy when happiness bubbles over into my will, not when, having been unhappy, I will to be happy. I most love a person when love bubbles over into my will, not when, having been numb to another, I will to love. The best happiness and the best love flow like a mountain stream from my heart and burst forth like rushing water over into the waterfall of willingness. True joy and true love originate in something antecedent to my will.

Beauty scares me at times with the fear of never beholding it again. “Oh, make it never end!” To know a superior pleasure or beauty, and to want it, and to have it withheld from you is perhaps the worst kind of misery.

There is more awe in the patience of one who is of great strength and who is sensitive to justice than in one who is weak and only somewhat aware of the beauty of holiness and the horror of sin. God is infinitely sensitive to absolute purity and the demands of justice, and prepares an eternal hell of punishment and torment for those who would dare to commit high treason against the Creator of the universe. He is infinitely strong over all, creating blue whales, the Pacific Ocean, the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, the Sun, and the Milky Way. It is breathtaking that an infinitely holy, just, and powerful God is patient and kind, even for a moment. That God let the warm Sun rise over this side of the earth yet another morning is astounding.

“… lost anyway to their intellectual musings.”

I sometimes avoid spiritually intense people, because interacting with them bothers my conscience.

Laughing at what God hates?

Often we lightheartedly say, “Life is too short.” But there are days when the weight of this oppresses me, and I ache over it, and feel desperate for God to resurrect me when I die.