Assorted Thoughts


I take pride in being honest about how prideful I am. My pride runs deep!

Some “science” is received on the basis of it immediately resonating with reality and observation and intelligible empirical data.

Other “science” is received on the basis of the authority of the majority opinion of scientific academia.

Some “history” is received on the basis of near testimony and evidence.

Other “history” is received on the basis of the testimony and authority of the majority opinion of historians.

You brought your sacred epiphany out of privacy and internalization and tried to use it as a defense or tool of persuasion. You thought that somehow you could bring me to think positively of something, or at least not think negatively of your belief in it. When I put the feeling—and its object—under scrutiny you claimed immunity and fell back on, “it is personal and private and subjective.” But you can’t. You made it something more: public. You tried to use it outside of yourself on someone else.

Truth is more important than saving face.

It is a helpful practice–it is a spiritual discipline–to visualize spiritual reality with physical analogies.

Sometimes you can detect sincerity by the frequency of a person not smiling.

Other times, the very thing that makes a person insincere is their unwillingness to expose their happiness.

God loves mankind so much, that he wants to save it from his hate. And God loves the elect so much, he wants to secure their appropriating of his general offer of grace to mankind which comes from his patient kindness and goodness, shown to all.

Faith that honors God is a response to the light of how trusthworthy and reliable and believable and beautiful God has shown hismelf to be. Blind faith honors the self and its feelings and its own authority and it rejects the Holy Spirit.

“The highest beauty in reality is the sacrificial love of someone who is perfect for undeserving creatures.” -Attributed to Jonathan Edwards

What you believe about your future determines how you feel and think and act in the present. Christian living is eschatology brought to the present. (Learned from Ron Julian)

Give me scholars who see scholarship as a “matter of spiritual warfare”, not an “ideological parlor game”.

Sometimes restating or fine-tuning another’s point distracts from the implications of that point that were chiefly meant to be considered.

Unrestrained singing reminds me of the happiness that I forget I desire, and of the greatness of that desire, and of the deepness of what it will take to satisfy it.