Assorted Thoughts

I need to continually learn to be broken before God in order to spill over with humility and meekness.

Truth and proof are what they are apart from anyone believing in them.

That people often see and reason everything unreasonably with presuppositions–that people see with tainted goggles–doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel and abandon the use of persuasion and reasonableness. The Holy Spirit often works through these.

I can’t escape the use of reason and logic and must trust, by the Holy Spirit, God to work in me to use them rightly. Depending on the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean abandoning the use of God-given faculties.

A wicked generation seeks signs and wonders while ignoring other obvious God-given revelation. Seeking an inward feeling as an infallible validation of truth is a way of seeking a sign.

Christ wants me to look outside of myself to his glory, to a varied package of multiple sources of testimony to point how trustworthy he and his witnesses are. This is done especially, but not only, by looking at his glory in his word. THIS is how the Holy Spirit is given. We receive the Holy Spirit by hearing the word of God (which comes from outside of ourselves) by faith. The Holy Spirit loves to do this because it loves to work through that which shines a light on the glory of Christ.

Mormonism wants me to look away from the Bible and away from the light that shines on Christ. It wants me, rather, to look inward to my own feelings. It is act of self-justification, of seeking a self-induced emotional epiphany. This is no “testimony” to be received. This is simply someone proclaiming what they have secretly, privately discerned and wanted for themselves.

Praying to God with the question of whether something is true when the answer is already easily accessible and clear in the word is a way of practicing denial and dishonors the reliability and final authority of the word of God and its inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit predominately was given to people when the word of God was publicly preached to them–when before their eyes “Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified.” (Galatians 3:1) Galatians 3, yo, it talks about this.

Real faith honors Christ because it looks *away* from any of our own supposed “worthiness” and looks to the righteousness of Christ. We put our faith in the person and promises of Christ. If we have the wrong person, we do not have the faith. If we have the wrong promises, we do not have the faith. Christ is fully and eternally God, and he promises awesome things to those who trust in him, even secured forgiveness, a secured future, and eternal life.

Whenever Christian faith looks inward, it is ashamed by unworthiness, and almost immediately looks again outward to the righteousness of Christ for contentment and comfort and security.

Faith in Mormonism only looks to Christ as an example of attaining self-worthiness. It trusts that Christ has opened the door of opportunity for us to prove our own worthiness and be exalted for this worthiness unto godhood–godhood that involves other creatures worshipping us. Mormon faith focuses on the self and tickles the flesh and titillates pride. It appeals to the natural self.

Christian faith is a response to the light of the revelation of God which honors Christ. This faith is a trust in the integrity and coherence and character of reliable testimony. The gospel comes through this testimony which points to Christ. Faith is attached to the reliability of the Bible, because the Bible is chiefly where we find this reliable testimony.

To promote the Mormon version of faith, first a dark shadow of unreliablity is cast over the Bible, and then an optimistic light is cast over the self and its feelings.

God would have me be humble by acknowledging my own sin and weakness and seeking the praise of God over the praise of man.

Christ gives me the joy of participating in a spiritual all out war with the kingdom of Satan.

God wants me to be proud in the proclamation of his reliable word and the exposure of falsehood.

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light.” -Ephesians 4:11-14

Mormonism would have me be humble by abstaining from any and all criticism, contention, negative appraisals, etc. This is contrary to the spirit of Galatians and 1 John.

Mormonism would have me proud in the proclamation of a self-justifying, self-centered, self-induced emotional epiphany, and call it a “testimony” of God telling me that the Book of Mormon and the modern mainstream sect of Mormonism are true. All this before even seriously or thoughtfully considering its polytheism, idolatry of family over commitment to truth and Christ, and equating of glib solemnity and affability with spirituality.

I have the freedom in Christ to read anti-Christian literature that argues against Christ.

It is in the very nature of a cult to create an environment of paranoia and fear over reading oppositional literature.

Grace and peace in Christ,