Eternal Life is Knowing Christ

Today was my first day at my “Scripture Study Fundamentals” class at the LDS Institute of Religion. It’s honestly dead boring, and I’m not sure if it’s worth going to with even the purpose of sharing. The class is large, and the interaction doesn’t consist of anything very gospel-oriented. Furthermore, I really don’t like it when everyone thinks your “investigating the church” as they say.

Anyway, Mr. Barker (known as “Brother Barker”) talked quite a bit in regards to the importance of reading the chapter headings. One of his examples was the new LDS chapter heading to Genesis 3. He announced to the class that before the LDS print of the Bible the chapter heading was, “the shameful fall of man”. About half the girls in the class let out one of those awww’s—you know, one of those girly laments of sadness—almost like it was a tragedy that people should consider the fall of man shameful. The LDS header:

The Serpent (Lucifer) deceives Eve—She and then Adam partake of the forbidden fruit—Her Seed (Christ) shall bruise the Serpent’s head—Role of woman, and of man—Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden of Eden—Adam presides—Eve becomes the mother of all living.
The negative tone was taken away to reflect the LDS view of the fall as actually a gain for mankind, where we might all experience life in order to be joyful. Their logic is that in order to appreciate God’s goodness we must experience pain and sin and repentance in order to fully reap the blessings of God’s love. Philosophically it’s their belief that all good things must be known in some sort of duality. I’ll have to read up more on it. Anyways, if I had the choice to leave God’s presence and experience sin, I’d be like NO WAY! I’m staying RIGHT HERE with YOU, forever! And as far as Eden goes, we had it MADE there. We had a personal relationship with God, where HE was the source for our knowledge and joy. That’s what I gain back. The best thing God had to offer me was Himself. That’s what I want through the atonement… not the ability to procreate billions of spirit babies to populate other planets and reign as a god? Of course, the contrast isn’t articulated like that, but you get the picture.

Oh, how could I forget? In teaching the importance of “marking” scriptures to learn them and even using a system of colors, Mr. Barker said that every time he read the Book of Mormon he learned something new. So new, in fact, that it seemed like it was never there before. He joked, “Who the heck is messing with my scriptures?” I kept my humorous thoughts to myself.

I miss Stacie. Oh, I miss her so much. I can’t wait to see her August 23rd.

aaronshaf: Man, you should be here. Fly over tonight
SDelicious: You should be here are you kidding me!
aaronshaf: I need a hug
aaronshaf: And you need a hug
aaronshaf: And we need some chips and salsa
SDelicious: YEah I do!
aaronshaf: And Chocolate Molten CAKE!
SDelicious: I miss you so much
SDelicious: YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!