Defying Gravity

I took Stacia skating from Eastwood Park to Riverscape, downtown Dayton, and back, which is about a seven mile trip. This was Stacie’s second time on inline skates in a long while, but I still insisted that we make the attempt. Sorry Stacie :( She is a good skater, but she was hindered by the seeminglyABEC 3 bearings in her wheels. They defied gravity. She could get a good start, pick up some speed, and start coasting downhill, but would come to a gradual stop. She said it was like working with those little plastic skates you had when you were just a little kid. Oh, did I mention these are twenty-dollar skates from Target?

Please pray that I find a good job, particularly something computer related (the web development market is tight). I need to raise money this summer.