Oh, Look at the Time

The clock in my car broke. Well, not really. The fuse that is hooked up to my radio, interior light, and clock died. I don’t really mind, as frequent clock-checks never really help me out anyways. I know where I’m going, and I drive there at a reasonable speed, so there’s no problem. Hey, it’s nice to get in a vehicle safe from the nag (but not the continuum) of time, because I can think about more important matters. Or better, pray.

Speaking of time, it’s about time I finalize the Summer Project 2002, a collaborative blog for some Campus Crusaders here at Wright State. First, I need to get the prayer requests page back up. If not, Charlie is going to yank out his Aaron-prod!

Tentative. That describes my summer so far. I might be in Ohio, I might be in Utah. Who knows? God.