Today Marks Six Months

Stacia and I began dating six months ago. I spent more time with her in the past half-year than anyone else. We have shared a lot of good memories, partaken of much chips and salsa, laughed, cried, and attended many Campus Crusade meetings, all of which only turned a page in our life. I love you Stacia.

If I could share how we met. On a beautiful day in October, Campus Crusade members met at Young’s Dairy for ice cream as an introductory social event. Running late with laundry, Stacie almost didn’t come, but, only having recently arrived from Florida, her mother made her promise to come to meet people. Oh, remind me to thank her.

She approached the picnic table I was at and asked if she could sit down. I incredulously said, “nooo”, but she smiled wryly and sat down anyway. Yeah, she was cute. After telling her I was a sophmore she decided that I was too young. But as we all know things don’t work out the merry little way we plan them, especially with love, do they? :)